Mode 1 - Heroic Support

We normally start working with our friends in Mode 1.. establishing a great base level for us to heroically support them all against arising ICT disasters. We ensure your systems and processes are optimised, secure and fit for purpose whilst saving key resources along the way. If you have an ICT problem right now that you need help with click here to chat with a Hero or call the number above. We will hear your call !

Full ICT Audit & Risk Assessment allowing us to define the necessary steps that need to be taken to safe guard your business and give you peace of mind. As a result of the assessment we put together an action plan to bring you up to a level where we can give you Heroic Support.

UK based Secure Offsite Back-Up & Storage combined with Restoration of business critical files in the event of accidents. Meaning we can get your data back quickly in the event of loss.

Real Time Monitoring & Maintenance of all servers and workstations, proactively looking for potential failures or disruption. This lessens the risk of catastrophic system breakdown and disruption to your business.

ICT Help Desk Support means that we can bolster your operational ICT capability whether you have an in house team or not. We work with you to resolve problems as they occur and take action to prevent them in future.

Identification of Training Requirements allowing you to plan for the development and succession of your key software & ICT users. Maximising the value of your software & hardware by helping your people to use their technology to its full potential.

Hardware Replacement support means we work with you to find the most suitable option to replace any core networking device or failed server.

Network Security Review identifying cyber threats and other online risks while using best practice to keep you and your data safe. We will help you to reduce your exposure and work with you to educate staff on countering the most prominent risks.

Business Intelligence support for in-house analysts. This will allow you to fully realise the potential of your existing MRP & ERP systems. Accurate reporting is critical and we help you get it right.

Website Management taking care of your web presence while ensuring you’re safe and always online. Helping you with minor changes and keeping your message consistent.

CNC & DNC Specialists ensuring your CAD is always connected to your machines and producing the correct article. Limiting software based downtime and giving you a rapid response in case of emergency.

CAD Software Management ensuring you can access your drawings and CAD/CAM programs maintaining configuration control.

VOIP Support & Management means we ensure you can cost effectively communicate with who you need to when you need to. We ensure you are on the most relevant system and package for your needs, liaising with service providers on your behalf.

Machine Spec’ing we work with you to understand your needs and then deploy the most relevant device specification to the task so ensuring the most cost effective, energy efficient and fit for purpose solutions are used for factory and office alike.


All of the above HEROIC SUPPORT means that for a fixed price (to be determined by your specific needs) we can give you back visibility and control of your ICT budget


Mode 2 - Hero Factory

Once you are fighting fit and we have built the partnership along with your base level of readiness it is time to think about the future. It is a reality that at best your systems will be outdated in 6 months and your market place will transform over the next 36. We work with you to ensure that the operational relevance & lifetime of your system is increased, whilst developing then deploying technology & innovation road maps to keep you at the front of your industry. If you are feeling the fear of an uncertain technology or market place and the pressure of heavy weight competition then call in the Hero's. We love eating baddies and helping our friends.

Technology Road Mapping by identifying all of the technologies that effect your industry, mapping them with their benefits or threat level over time and making strategic decisions as to whether to pursue or counter them.

Value Added Projects that are identified, scoped, feasibility assessed and then implemented with the view of delivering significant return on investment. These can be related to the introduction of new technology or software as well as the development of new to world innovative solutions to your key challenges.

BI Reporting customised and specifically written to measure and track the parameters of your business that are most important. These reports turn the data from your databases into information that is critical to helping you gauge the position of your enterprise.

ICT Sustainability moves you towards accreditation and savings in energy, CO2, time and money. We identify key areas of your current infrastructure and operating procedures that are most resource intensive and work with you to negate that impact.

ICT Disaster Recovery planning for ICT & business continuity. This is a step up from just holding and backing up your data. In this Mode we do full scenario planning and risk mitigation activities making sure that in the event of catastrophe your complete ICT system and infrastructure can be replaced in a timely fashion.

ICT Governance Structure aimed at delivering accountability, functional continuity and succession planning ensuring you are organised in the best and most appropriate way for your specific operational needs.

ICT Policy, Procurement Guidelines & Best Practice are subsets of governance and allow you to communicate your departmental roles and responsibilities whilst ensuring compliance to legislation and operating processes. Without these key elements of the mix an ICT department is impossible to measure.

Training Programs based on your teams needs and the identified shortfalls in skill or ability that are evident from our time working together in MODE 1.


The combined features and benefits of MODE 1 HEROIC SUPPORT and MODE 2 HERO FACTORY will allow your company to develop world class in house ICT