We are pleased to announce a new partnership with business internet and telecoms provider Spitfire. Spitfire has been providing services from their central London offices for more than 25 years.

With an emphasis on engineering skills and customer service, Spitfire aim to build long-term business relationships with their clients – delivering innovative, award-winning solutions and significant cost savings. DDB Innovations Ltd shares this view and we see this partnership as a natural fit for both businesses moving forward. Having been in business since 1988, Spitfire are one of the most experienced internet service providers in the country, indeed Spitfire was one of the first providers of business broadband in the UK.



We are truly excited and proud to be partnered with Redthorn, providers of MRP & ERP software to business. They asked us to help them with
MODE 1 HEROIC SUPPORT whilst we established the dimensions of our MODE 2 HERO FACTORY.

We are helping Redthorn on their way to pain free peace of mind and they are very happy about it.  

"DDBi have helped us resolve some of our most difficult support challenges and they continue to work with us to further develop our Technology & Innovation Partnership. We look forward to a bright future creating new and exciting opportunities for our customers."

On top of that we were so impressed with the way Redthorn software helps us streamline manufacture and resource planning we decided to "power up" and use it with our other friends as well. Group Buff, nice.

If you have issues with your existing ERP software or do not know what it is, then the chances are DDBi and our heroic partners at Redthorn can help. Chat with a Hero now..!