Managing Director

Robert Brown aka Bob - Enjoys golf, both watching and playing, programming and technology hacking (recombining existing tech for new purposes & benefits), loves spending time with the family, holidays and sight seeing. A natural problem solver, Bob steers the DDBi ship in a friendly and stable way with extreme patience.

Special Powers: Include a BSc (Hons) in computer science with 25 years’ experience in ICT - 10 of those were specific to the aerospace and precision manufacturing industry. He has created many bespoke applications that are still used by industry today. He is a champion of Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and is able to seamlessly link areas of the business together to deliver streamlined, accurate, stress free BI reporting systems and processes.

Systems & Security

Dan Owen - Is a clean living vegetarian with a passion for ICT. Dan has a keen sense of humour and will find a funny side to most situations. His pet hate is non optimised ICT and he likes nothing more than setting up a system to run at its most efficient. Friendly and approachable, Dan is constantly evaluating new technology in an effort to find that perfect tech solution to your company's problem.

Special Powers: Include being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who has 19 years’ experience in ICT, 5 of which are specific to aerospace manufacture and other precision engineering industries. He is also trained in network security and cyber threat reduction making him the ideal choice to electronically safe guard your sensitive and business critical data.


Jon Stow - Enjoys sailing, good beer (both drinking and brewing), has a passion for and a deep understanding of computing and systems analysis, loves getting out and about with the family, action adventure holidays and sight seeing. A natural teacher and advisor, Jon is the guru amongst guru's, patiently guiding the younger team members through the mine field of day-to-day ICT support.

Special Powers: A BSc (Hons) in computer science and qualified MCSE with 25 years’ experience in ICT.  Jon has work across many sectors from Higher Education through to Military Electronic Engineering, he has created many bespoke computer systems to satisfy very particular customer requirements.